Please print out, complete and send remittance to:
Tel: 01493 740674

My first choice dates from Saturday to Saturday
My second choice dates from Saturday to Saturday

Your party details: Please insert names of all persons requiring accommodation, including children and infants

Age if under 18

Name and address of person making booking



Tel. No.

Number of persons in your party

Please reserve for the persons named above the accommodation and dates I have chosen.

PETS Please state the breed of dog

Linen Hire - Double Bed Single Bed

Vehicle(s) Reg no(s) if any

If your booking was made by telephone please tick box

Your reason for booking with us:
(a) Return visit (b) Yarmouth Guide (c) Recommended (d) Other

Deposit to send with your booking is £45 per week booked plus £5 for cancellation plan making £50 per week as your initial payment

HOW TO PAY: Please make cheques payable to "T & A REEVE".

Your cancellation payment (not part of deposit)

Deposit for your holiday £

Total Amount enclosed £

Your balance of holiday hire £

Charge for your pet £

Extra persons £

Linen Hire £

Total payment to send clear 21 days before your holiday is due to commence

Cancellation Plan
The 5 payment is per week and covers all your party. If you have to cancel before the start of your holiday the first and most important thing is to let us know, by phone then by first-class letter as soon as possible. Enclose your booking receipt and a stamped addressed envelope if you require a reply. It is to your advantage to give us the earliest possible warning of a cancellation to enable us to try and re-let the accommodation.
Once a booking has been made a legal contract exists which makes you liable for the full cost of the accommodation regardless of the reason for your cancellation.
If you have to cancel for one of the following reasons:-

Illness, injury, death or maternity, or illness of any member of your party, or the death, serious injury or illness of a close relative, or unemployment. A medical certificate or former employers confirmation is required in all cases.
If you have paid the 5 per week booked Cancellation Plan charge at the time of booking your holiday, and you have to cancel your holiday for one of the qualifying reasons you will be entitled to a refund of your holiday money paid less the deposit of 45 per week. Your deposit of 45 per week booked and the 5 per week charge for Cancellation Plan are not refundable.
The cancellation plan terminates on the day your holiday starts. If your reason for cancellation is not covered by the plan, or you have not paid into the cancellation plan we will endeavour to re-let the accommodation, in which case a refund of the balance of your holiday money (if already paid) will be made less a handling charge of 20 per week booked. If the accommodation is not re-let then unfortunately full payment is due.

Please note this is a cancellation plan and does not cover curtailment.


Privacy Policy - In order to meet our legal responsibilities and the performance of this contract, Flegg Chalet Services holds information about you. This information consists of your name, postal address, email, telephone numbers, name of other occupants, past transactions and car registration number if applicable. This information is for the sole use of Flegg Chalet Services and will not be passed onto or sold to any third parties.

I and all persons over 18 entered on this booking form have read and accept the conditions of hire.

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